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Would you like to see a brighter world? Would you like a more positive outlook? Are you struggling with a chronic illness? Are you ready to see your current challenge as a gift?
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If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you are in the right place!


If you or anyone you know is affected in any way with chronic illness, an ‘incurable’ disease and you found yourself here, you are in the right place!

Is your body telling you in uncertain terms that what you are currently doing is. not serving you?

I believe that everything happens just as it should, and there is a reason that you are currently reading this page.

If you are living with a life-altering diagnosis, it means that you are on a challenging journey.  A journey which has led you to this place, right here, right now!

By traveling together, I dare to suggest that journey, although challenging, could actually be fun, exciting and insightful.

What if having a chronic illness is a gift?  Given to us to encourage us down another path?  One we wouldn’t have chosen, but which, if we let it, is filled with possibility and expansion.

Some people may be at the start of their journey and others further along.

By coming together we can be a beacon of hope for each other.  And with this many beacons on the path, we can never get lost.

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Healing can be a fun, expansive experience AND 100% possible!

Do you suffer a chronic Illness?

Receiving a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness has got to be one of the most frightening things that can happen to you. Life will never be the same again! Fear will naturally bring up questions:

🟢 How can I move forward?

🟢 How will I enjoy life?

🟢 What are my options?

I have the answers to those questions!

I know the challenges of living with some debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, yet I still live life to the full and am determined to enjoy every moment!

About Gina Dallison

Health Coach

Gina Dallison’s journey into life coaching began after her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in 2009, leading her through a path of self-discovery and empowerment, despite the challenges of living with a chronic illness. Her positive outlook, even in the face of disabling symptoms, exemplifies her resilience. A pivotal moment came in 2017, following personal challenges and a severe MS episode, prompting her to leave her corporate training role for life coaching. Gina values honest communication, reflecting on how her transition from corporate life could have been smoother with better dialogue. Today, she combines compassion and empathy with effective communication skills to solve problems, creating solutions that benefit both individuals and organisations.

People I’ve Worked With

As I expressed the concerns, I felt that the space around them got bigger. It gave me breathing space I felt less pressured and therefore more able to think more clearly.

Alecia Caine

A great business coaching session. Gina is patient, actively listens and then reflects back what she is hearing in a concise and helpful way.

Her questions are excellent prompts to make you really think, and explore practical options and modes of thought that you may npt have considered to take you forward. Highly recommended.


It’s really challenging to sit down with someone and tell them your problems, but Gina is relaxing and non-judgemental, which makes it easier.

It’s really given me the confidence to push forwards and do the things in life that I want to do, even if those things are scary to try. Gina is a Professional Life Coach, dedicated, knowledgeable and easygoing.


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Blogs & News

Being More Self-Aware: Tips from Episode 3 of The Happy Healers Brigade

I was so excited to be joined by Dee DiFatta for the third session of The Happy Healers Brigade. Together, we took a deep dive into the transformational power of self-awareness and explored how tuning into our body’s needs can significantly enhance our mind-body...

Portal Opener! Me??!

What is a Portal Opener? A Portal Opener is someone who is able to move between the realms, the different vibrational realities that are open to us. It is my new coach Klara who labels it as such. I probably would have called it a Spiritual Seeker. Am I a Portal...

My Dream for Women Rising

My Dream for Women Rising ❣️ Writing about this topic was the challenge set by my new Embodiment Breathwork Coach, Klara Adalena. I'm not sure if I had a dream for women rising, but when I think about it, it makes total sense. Over the last 100 years the feminine...

A Powerful Technique to lift your Vibe in an Instant

How did getting woken up at 4.40am fill me with appreciation? Because I have discovered a fantastically powerful technique that totally changes the way you see the world in an instant. "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." I love...

An Idea out of Silence

It is really encouraging to see such airtime given to a wonderfully uplifting story of a profoundly deaf 6 year old girl from Swindon winning an Oscar for best short film, ‘The Silent Child’. The screenplay was written by actress Rachel Shenton, who was inspired to...

Choose Hope and Joy over Fear!

This was the headline in the Daily Mail this morning. This is my mum's paper and I don't normally read it but this headline really caught my attention, as it links to my work very aptly. My next ‘Gina’s Gems’ workshop is around ‘fear’ and how this stops us living the...

Getting Clear about Goal Setting

Would you set off on a journey with no map or destination plugged into your GPS? If you did, you may have a bit of an adventure, but I imagine there is a good chance of you arriving somewhere you didn’t want to be. What would be the chances of you getting where you...

Self-Awareness in the Workplace

When I look back on my life in the corporate world, I was pretty miserable for most of it. I may have had different jobs in very different companies, but on the whole, I didn’t feel listened to, I didn’t know how to articulate my needs and I didn’t really know what I...

Behind Closed Doors: Navigating the Road After Not Receiving a Promotion

As an organisation, would you like to have a positive impact on the health and vitality of your workforce? It was 7 years ago this month, after my boss was sacked, that I discovered that the HR leadership were not going to follow their own processes and give me an...

Wonder Women of Warwickshire

What happens when you step outside of your comfort zone? ........ You grow, and by that, I mean emotionally rather than in inches! As an Ambassador of the Embrace movement, Angela Saffrey is passionate about ending the body-shaming that occurs on a societal level,...

Narcissistic Benefits

Being a customer of the DWP and various Benefits Systems, I rarely feel like a valued customer and can see a lot of room for improvement! Fed up with ranting to people who totally get it, but are unable to do anything, I thought I would do something more productive...

The Habit of Habits

What are habits? According to Free Dictionary, ‘a habit is a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition’. Habits can work for or against you which is why understanding them and how they work is essential to you...

AN OPEN LETTER TO The Centre for Health and Disability Assessments (CHDA) as a protest of the systematic abuse that is going on to everybody!

I received a letter dated 7th September 2023 informing me of a telephone appointment for a Health Assessment on Thursday 21st September between 1pm and 4pm. I cleared my schedule, as did my Support Worker who is working for a charity and uses a wheelchair fulltime...

Grateful for Cleaning!?!

A very strange thing happened to me this morning! 😱 As I said goodbye to the kids and sent them off to school, I had a sudden and very unfamiliar urge to clean the kitchen floor! 😂 Anybody who knows me, will probably know that I'm not much of a homemaker and I do not...

Decisions, Decisions (And how to make peace with them)

Have you ever been stuck making a decision? Changing a job? - Leaving a relationship? – Moving house? – Which restaurant to eat at? – What movie to watch? Some decisions feel huge, some not so much, but there is always that worry – ‘what if I make the wrong choice?’ I...

The Best Value Personal Development Programme

I first deep-dived into the world of personal development about 2 years ago, and I wouldn’t like to admit how much money I have spent on books, courses, seminars and coaches, and I can say with all confidence that Toastmasters is, by far, the best value personal...

What is the Opportunity in this?

It’s very easy to make a silly mistake! One, that when you look back at it, you just shake your head at yourself. The negative chatter comes in as you berate yourself for not being ‘on it’, for forgetting something, not seeing the obvious or noticing something amiss....

How to Prioritise to beat Overwhelm

Our lives are getting busier! We have so much information at our finger-tips. We can be connected to many different people all of the time. We watch and listen on the go. Multi-tasking is becoming the norm! We find ways of becoming more productive, to fit more into...

Are we compromising in our Communities?

My coaching programme is all about moving towards ‘Uncompromised Living’. What does this actually mean? For me it means not putting up with things, no matter how small, that you are really not happy with. I looked at, what I considered, eight of the main areas in our...

What’s Stopping you getting the Job of Your Dreams?

I have been running a couple of workshops recently, for the Socially Shared Networking group, entitled ‘What’s Stopping You?’ where I have delved into the problem of ‘procrastination’. What it is, why we do it and how we can change our ways. This is something I have...

Reprogramming for Success!

Is there an area (or areas) of your life that you are not happy with? If so, it is probably because you are making decisions and moving forward in life using out-of-date programming. Just like our computers, we have programming that has been installed throughout our...

Letdown by our Health System

It’s fortunate that I am not relying on a visit to my doctor to keep me well. This was supposed to be my first in-person since lockdown.  My yearly 5 minute meeting with my neurologist has been put back half a year and been relegated to a phone call 🥹 As I am not...

Moving forward from a Fall

I slipped over on the way back from swimming the last week! My legs were heavy and achy after an enjoyable and helpful swimming lesson. There is a disabled shower right next to the swimming pool, that was out of order and had been for over 3 weeks! This meant I needed...

Successful Parenting

What is a successful parent? How do you know that you have been successful in parenting? When your baby sleeps through the night? When your toddler walks or learns to talk? When your child starts school? When they finish school? When they move into a place of work?...

Six Month’s Sober

Saturday 17th April marked 6-months of me not drinking alcohol! Drinking alcohol has been a key part of my world since my teens. Finding alcohol helped me find ‘Party Gina’ - a good-time girl who loves the freedom that it gives her. The first on an empty dance floor....

What the Heck is a Spiritual Awakening Anyway?

It all starts with a vortex of shit! This is my understanding of what a spiritual awakening is … When you witness a real shift in your perspective and realise that the world that you thought you knew, isn’t exactly what you were led to believe. When you have this...


Who would I be without life’s distractions? Without work, family, TV, internet, books or chatter? When it comes down to the core, who am I? Who would I be if I didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, didn’t beat myself up for not doing enough. Who would I be without an MS...

The Power of the Smile

Smile and the whole world smiles with you! It’s true, try it. Just walk along a street, make eye contact with someone and give them one of your best smiles. Yes, they might wonder what you have been up to, but chances are they will smile back at you. It is a natural...

The Power of Visualisation

We humans have a very unique ability — we have imagination, we can visualise. Every single person has access to this ability. Just like any other skill, our imagination can be developed and improved. Visualisation techniques are well used by athletes who often...

Unconditional Living — Your Path to Freedom

What does Unconditional Living mean to you? Here I give a description of what it means to me and why I think it is an essential component to true happiness. Unconditional means to do or give something without expecting anything in return — without conditions or...