This was the headline in the Daily Mail this morning. This is my mum’s paper and I don’t normally read it but this headline really caught my attention, as it links to my work very aptly.

My next ‘Gina’s Gems’ workshop is around ‘fear’ and how this stops us living the life that we truly want. When we experience headlines like this over a breakfast it is no wonder that our lives seem to be governed by fear.

The issue is when we are in a state of fear the ‘fight or flight’ mode clicks in and it causes us stress and anxiety, which can then manifest into physical conditions within our body that we would rather not be living with.

In my role as a coach, I help people discover their dream jobs, so I would really like to turn this headline around and suggest that if people were doing the job that they loved and it didn’t feel like work, then working into our old age would be a really positive thing. It is well accepted but if we are able to keep our minds working, stay active in the community and feel like we have a purpose then we are healthier and happier and probably wealthier too.

I have re-written the headline! Wouldn’t life be so much lighter if all our headlines that we were subjected to constantly were inspiring, uplifting and full of joy, rather than feeding our fears and increasing our anxiety?

If you would like to know more about ‘fear’, how it affects us and more importantly, how we can overcome it, I am running two workshops in Rugby over the next few weeks. Comment of message me to find out more.

Also, if you are not loving the job you are currently in, or feel like you want a change and don’t know which way to turn, get in touch to arrange a free ‘Career Clarity Session’.

Let’s start choosing hope and joy over fear!