Meet Gina Dallison

Health CoacH

A resilient soul navigating life’s challenges with a smile. Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, Gina’s journey of empowerment led her to embrace her role as a Life Coach.

Gina Dallison – My Story

Gina was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 which led her on a journey of research, empowerment and self-discovery. Her happy positive outlook is a real example of what can be achieved when you are still living with disabling symptoms of a chronic illness.

After experiencing additional/personal life challenges in 2017 which set off a severe MS episode and prompted her to leave her corporate training role to fully embrace being a Life Coach.

Honest communication was a theme that kept emerging for her. As she reflected, with frustration, how parting with her last corporate position could have been so much better for both her, her health and the organisation, if there had been better channels of communication.

With compassion and empathy, she has the ability to get to the crux of problems through effective communication, developing a solution that best suits both the employee and organisation.

“Gina has a talent for enabling space and opportunity to explore a different perspective.”

Why Work With Me?

Embark on a transformative journey with Gina Dallison Coaching. Drawing from personal experience, empathy, and professional expertise, I offer compassionate support and empowerment. As someone who has faced and overcome challenges, including living with Multiple Sclerosis, I understand the importance of transparent communication and tailored solutions. Together, we’ll create a safe space for growth, where your needs are heard and met with personalised strategies. Join me in embracing empowerment, compassion, and effective communication as we navigate your path to fulfillment and growth.