How did getting woken up at 4.40am fill me with appreciation? Because I have discovered a fantastically powerful technique that totally changes the way you see the world in an instant.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” I love this quote by Wayne Dyer because it is just so true.

As we live in a world vibration, and we attract back what we send out through energy. The key to living a happier, more fulfilled life, is to keep our vibrations as high as possible, so we are bringing back more of the same.

Today I would like to share with you an amazing technique for raising your vibration in an instant. I learnt this from beautiful coach friend of mine called Alicia St Rose and it’s about getting into a state of appreciation.

Appreciation is one of the highest frequencies, along with love. It is impossible to feel appreciation in your heart and feel one of the lower emotions such as hate, anger or despair at the same time. So being able to shift what you were thinking about to feel appreciation is immensely powerful.

We all have things we need to do in the day that we feel we ‘have to’ do, or we’ve ‘got to’ do. We have to get up; we have to have a shower; we have to have breakfast; we have to take the kids to school; we have to chivy the kids to get ready; we have to take the dog for a walk; we have to go to work; we have to clean the house; we have to make dinner – the list goes on and on and on! Sometimes, when we think of all the things we have to do, it can start to feel a bit overwhelming – like hard work!

However if we change what we say – instead of saying ‘I have to’ or ‘I’ve got to’ – say ‘I get to’.

When we ‘get’ to do something, it means it’s our choice. For example – ‘I have to make the kids’ breakfast’ – if we change this around to ‘I get to make the kids breakfast’ – it changes from another tedious task on my list, to something that I completely appreciate. Just by that one change of word it is now saying that that I get to do something for those amazing creations of mine, I get to teach them to enjoy good healthy food, I also appreciate that I have access to the good healthy food. We get to eat that good healthy food in a nice warm kitchen. I have clean bowls, plates and cutlery to eat from and then get to put the bowls in a dishwasher that will clean them. We get to enjoy a breakfast together and talk about the day ahead.

The shift of energy is amazing! My heart just starts to fill when I think of all the things I ‘get to’ do, instead of I ‘have to’ do. I only came across this technique on Monday this week, and today is Wednesday, and already it’s change my world massively.

This morning I was woken up 40 minutes before my alarm was due to go off. My alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning anyway – I’m a bit of an early riser! One of our dogs, Poppy, has had a bit of an upset stomach, and she was whining at the end of the bed. I knew she wanted to go out, so bleary-eyed, I went downstairs and let her out, and then crawled back into bed. I was feeling annoyed that my sleep had been interrupted so close to my waking up time. As I lay in bed I changed my thoughts. I considered – ‘I get to get up and open the door for Poppy’ – this means I have Poppy in my life, and she is such a joy. I also don’t have to wake up to the mess in the house because she got to go outside, I’ve got a door that I can open and then close again, I’ve got a nice warm house and a nice warm bed that I can get back into.

My whole energy changed from one of grumpiness to total appreciation. I felt energised and inspired to jump out of bed and start the day 40 minutes earlier – it’s amazing what you can do with 40 minutes of inspired action – this post gets written before I usually get out of bed!!

I invite you to try this today because I have found it a real game changer! No, not necessarily get out of bed 40 minutes before the alarm, although that has started my day a couple of steps ahead which feels great!

I invite you to change that one phrase in your vocabulary – take out ‘have to’ and ‘got to’ – and replace with ‘get to’. This simple change will help you to look at things in a different way.

When we look at the world from a vibration of appreciation, we immediately find more things to appreciate and the world starts looking a more fantastic place.

Have fun with this and ‘get to’ have a wonderful Wednesday!

Let me know how you get on xx