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Receiving a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness has got to be one of the most frightening things that can happen to you. Life will never be the same again! Fear will naturally bring up questions:

🟢How can I move forward?

🟢 How will I enjoy life?

🟢What are my options?

I have the answers to those questions!

I know the challenges of living with some debilitating symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, yet I still live life to the full and am determined to enjoy every moment!

The Healing Vibrations Network


🟢 Vibrant and engaged free Facebook Group.

🟢 Daily posts to help raise your vibrations

🟢 Weekly Lives

🟢 Week 1 – Training on Life Area

🟢 Week 2 – Focus on a symptom

🟢 Week 3 – What have you tried – looking at different healing modalities

🟢 Week 4 – Mindful practice / breathwork / meditation

Healing Vibrations Community Membership


🟠 2 x Zoom calls per month

🟠 60 minutes of connection, grounding, positive energy and healing vibrations

🟠 Guided Meditations and Visualisations, Spiritual Practices, Internal Inquiry, Group CoachingQ&A

🟠 A variety of times to suit all time zones

🟠 On going enrollment

🟠 Early opportunity and discounts to programs and events

🟠 Access to all recordings from previous meetings as a resource of positive transformational practices and guidance

🟠 Featuring expert guests


1-1 Coaching


🟢 6 bespoke 1-1 sessions that will …

🟢 Get you really clear on where you currently are

🟢 Give you a definite direction of where you want to be going

🟢 How to get from one place to the other

🟢 Discover what is slowing you down or stopping you

🟢 Give you tools to allow you to navigate any obstacles

🟢 Support you in taking some small but sustainable steps towards your destination

🟢 You will leave with a personalised road-map as well as the mind-set and motivation to continue your journey.

Gina really helped me understand what was holding me back (which wasn’t what I thought) and gave me the boost to actually do things I know I needed to get done! Gina has a talent for enabling space and ooportunity to explore a different perspective to an issue.

Her positive on life runs through the session and I felt motivated to take action straight away.


Gina has helped me come to terms with a health and schooling worry this week. We looked at the problem from many different angles and I found that by the end of the session I was able to give permission to move for and make a plan for how to handle the situation more effectively.

I found that Gina is very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me to find the ansert for myself. This has enabled me to speak with my family and empowered me to go with my gut instincts instead of other people’s opinions.


A great business coaching session. Gina is patient, actively listens and then reflects back what she is hearing in a concise and helpful way.

Her questions are excellent prompts to make you really think, and explore practical options and modes of thought that you may npt have considered to take you forward. Highly recommended.


It’s really challenging to sit down with someone and tell them your problems, but Gina is relaxing and non-judgemental, which makes it easier.

It’s really given me the confidence to push forwards and do the things in life that I want to do, even if those things are scary to try. Gina is a Professional Life Coach, dedicated, knowledgeable and easygoing.


What if your illness is an opportunity?

An opportunity to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

An opportunity to live your life in a different way.

An opportunity to discover your life’s purpose.

This might sound a bit ‘way out there’, and definitely a different way to look at it. And ‘different’ is scary!

But ‘scary’ doesn’t have to be ‘bad’!

That diagnosis is a lot less scary, when you have someone or a community of ‘someones’ who are walking a similar path and have already moved from where you currently are.

Do you want to feel …

🟢 More positive?
🟢 More optimistic?
🟢 Hopeful?
🟢 Excited about the future?
🟢 That you are not alone?
🟢 Generally happier?

Come and join the Healing Vibrations Community, to experience a safe space to share, learn and be.

If you are slightly intrigued about how you can make the best out of your illness and not sure what offer would suit you best – come and chat with me!