Managing MS Naturally


This is a long-term programme for women with Multiple Sclerosis or similar chronic illness who are keen to explore ways of managing their conditions and their life in the most natural way possible.  The programme will take you through a simple ABC process to get really honest as to what is going on in your life.  This will lead to a deeper level of self-acceptance, spirituality and peace, while being able to make the necessary changes towards the life you really want.

A = Develop a greater level of Awareness as to the areas of your life that you do have control over.

B = Take a deep dive look at your Beliefs, which ones are hindering you and creating new ones to help you move forward to a life that fulfils all your needs.

C = Gather the Courage to make the Changes in your life that will best support you in managing your condition and your life in a natural and fulfilling way.

The very aspects of working with a chronic illness means there is no quick fix.  This programme takes you through various steps and exercises to find the answers that are within yourself, developing your own bespoke plan and then executing it.

As every person is unique and everyone’s condition is unique, I will create a programme that is unique to you.  If this sounds of interest, take the first step and book at free ‘Curiosity Call’ with me to see if this would be helpful to you.




20 minutes – £100

One Hour – £200

One Hour + 3 more sessions – to execute plan and keep on track – £500

One Hour + 7 more sessions to execute plan and keep on track – £800

What others have said about the experience:

As I expressed the concerns, I felt that the space around them got bigger.  It gave me breathing space I felt less pressured and therefore more able to think more clearly.

I felt like I knew something that I already knew but was afraid to confront. 



A great business coaching session. Gina is patient, actively listens and then reflects back what she is hearing in a concise and helpful way. Her questions are excellent prompts to make you really think, and explore practical options and modes of thought that you may not have considered to take you forward. Highly recommended.

Angela Saffrey

West Midlands