My coaching programme is all about moving towards ‘Uncompromised Living’. What does this actually mean?

For me it means not putting up with things, no matter how small, that you are really not happy with. I looked at, what I considered, eight of the main areas in our life, to explore where we may be compromising and what that would look like:

· Health

· Wealth

· Relationship / Love

· Work

· Family

· Friends

· Fun

· Spirituality

What I realised today is that I missed out a massive one, particularly for me – Community.

I have always been enthusiastic in helping to bring people together within the community. I have organised parties on the green in front of one of the houses we lived at and was a very active member of the PTA when my children were younger.

Now I am the Secretary for Friends of Bluebell Walk (a local nature reserve) and the Facilitator at Overslade Community Job Club in Rugby.

I was wearing this particular hat today, when I attended a training course on Community Organising put on by Rugby Borough Council.

Here I met other local people who were taking positive steps to make a real difference within their communities. We shared some challenges, exchanged ideas and learnt interesting techniques to inspire people to get involved and not to compromise in the environment where they live.

It is all too easy to complain about what is happening or not happening in our neighbourhoods, but here I met people, who didn’t just moan, they were doing. We heard several stories where someone had an idea and took some small steps to making it a reality. Leading to some phenomenal results.

Just like the seeds we plant in the garden, ideas can take a long time to germinate and grow. They will need tending to and caring for. Some will take longer than others, and some may not show for years or even come up at all. This can be frustrating and may really test our resolve, but the result is always worth the effort.

Any time we want to make change in our lives – it is hard.

First we need to admit that there is something that we are not really happy with, that we are making do – compromising.

Then we need to challenge our beliefs around this subject and stretch our thoughts to what is possible.

And then of course, we have to take action!

This is challenging enough when you are working on yourself, but when you want to make that change in the community, you also have to involve others. Not only your neighbours, but also councils, organisations and other community groups. This can make the process even more lengthy and frustrating.

However, my experience today gave me real hope. I left feeling uplifted and energised and it acted as a reminder that we are not alone!

In this age of Social Media and screens everywhere, we are hearing more and more of people becoming isolated and lonely, suffering from varying degrees of ill mental and physical health, I believe that developing a sense of community in our neighbourhoods is an essential for our wellbeing and, I’d go as far to say, the future of the human race!

I hope this short blog has planted a seed in your mind of what you could do to support and develop your community and in doing so, begin a journey that will change you and those around you for the better.

If you would like to hear more about how moving towards Uncompromised Living could improve your life, book a free Curiosity Call by following this link.