It all starts with a vortex of shit!

This is my understanding of what a spiritual awakening is …

When you witness a real shift in your perspective and realise that the world that you thought you knew, isn’t exactly what you were led to believe.

When you have this shift, you become really curious and start questioning everything. Films like ‘The Matrix’ and the ‘Newman Show’ must have been born from somebody’s similar experience.

However, a spiritual awakening does not begin and end with one thing. It starts with a door that you didn’t even know was there, cracking open just a little bit. Then over time, if you allow it, it opens further and further.

The wonder of the world streams through into your consciousness. However, you are only able to experience what you’re actually ready for at that time.

And what stops you being ready?

Your belief structure. Once you start questioning those beliefs and get practiced at doing so, more awakening takes place.

Looking back over my life, there were many points where that door crept open, but I didn’t allow the curiosity to take hold. Until around October of 2017 when my world seemed to be collapsing around me!

Listening to other people’s experiences of this momentous shift in perspective, it seems that it often happens as a result of a struggle, real adversity, or as I called it at the time, a vortex of shit!

At this point in time, as a collective, we are all experiencing our own vortex. The world we thought we knew is no longer here. There are doors that are creaking open for the entire human race.

Now is the time to examine your beliefs, and strip away what you thought you knew to be true, to experience what actually is.

I realised early in my journey that I was also being called to share what I was learning, and it now feels that this is the time. This time when every human on the planet is being called to question what they thought was true.

It’s interesting how we are each going through our own unique experience, yet sharing a very collective one.

Working on yourself and examining your beliefs isn’t an easy process. You move from euphoria, which is complete clarity and certainty that you know your path, to complete doubt and uncertainty, as your deep-rooted beliefs test and taunt you! On one hand, you are excited and eager to follow on your newly cleared path and the other hand you hear other people’s voices, jibes and unhelpful comments, filling your head, as that clear obvious path seems to disappear in front of your eyes. You then question where you are, what you are doing and certainly where you are going.

That’s when it is imperative to have a strong support network around you. To help you clear your path and move towards that future that you have now had the most tantalising of glimpses of.

Most of the coaches I have met, have been called to do this work because they have all experienced and are forever experiencing a spiritual awakening as an ongoing process that continuously challenges, clarifies and rewards them.

After doing this work for three and a half years, I am now in a strong enough position to help others who are experiencing that shift in perspective and are curious and keen to know more.

If you feel a door opening up for you, follow that curiosity, there is a world of wonder, honesty and freedom that awaits you.

If you are interested in seeing a short video that explains the one thing that everyone can do to push that door open a little further, get in touch via Facebook, Linked In or, and I will send you a copy.