What does Unconditional Living mean to you? Here I give a description of what it means to me and why I think it is an essential component to true happiness.

Unconditional means to do or give something without expecting anything in return — without conditions or prerequisites attached to it.

Where is the word ‘unconditional’ often used? When giving gifts? When talking about love?

When we talk about ‘unconditional love’, we tend to think it is to give love to another without any limitations or conditions attached. It is easy to love someone when they are being lovable, doing kind things for you or acting in a way that works for you. What happens when that is not the case? Does the love you feel diminish?

According to the teachings of Abraham Hicks — “Unconditional love is holding vibrational alignment with who you are no matter what is going on around you.”

To me, that means being able to hold that feeling of love, whether it is directed at one particular person or the entire world, independent of conditions whether they are perceived good or bad. And that can be a big ask! But it is possible. And it makes life so much more enjoyable.

Unconditional Living is living in a place of love and appreciation, no matter what is going on around you and no matter how others are behaving. Unconditional Living is the journey rather than the destination. It is a state of being.

It is about recognising that you are unhappy with a situation and taking steps to change it for the better. It is about not making-do, or putting up with. It’s not about having a tantrum or shouting to get your own way, bending others to your will. And it’s not about chopping off parts of yourself to fit in with other’s desires or expectations.

It’s about knowing yourself intimately — your values and dreams. It’s about making conscious decisions and having the confidence to stand by them. It’s about having the courage to take action towards the life you want.

It is about negotiating your priorities based on what’s important to you and the people you care about. It’s about being in alignment with your decisions and actions. It’s about communicating honestly and without fear of what other people think. It’s about being at peace with yourself, happy in your own skin and not reliant on others or outside conditions to give you that.

It’s about asking the right questions and allowing yourself to receive the answers. It’s a beautiful exploration of your soul. And yes, that can be immensely challenging, but practice makes it easier and puts life in flow! And it’s so worth it.

It’s more: peace; joy; love; happiness; appreciation; expansion; openness; allowing; satisfaction; contentment; gratitude; excitement; inspiration.

And less: anger; resentment; frustration; bitterness; overwhelm; depression; sadness; worry; anxiety; stress.

It is the path to freedom!

It’s about making small, but sustainable changes, bringing yourself back into alignment with what you know to be true for you — without compromising, loving everyone and everything just because it feels good and without an expectation of anything in return. By releasing the conditions, the terms, the demands, we find a freedom that becomes much more compelling and more importantly that feeds itself and needs nothing other than our presence.

If you can bring this concept to your own life, consider what conditions you think need to be in place in order for you to be happy. Take a step back and ask yourself, in all honesty, is this really important? Is having this in place more important than me being happy? Can I choose to be happy anyway?