I slipped over on the way back from swimming the last week!

My legs were heavy and achy after an enjoyable and helpful swimming lesson.

There is a disabled shower right next to the swimming pool, that was out of order and had been for over 3 weeks!

This meant I needed to walk through the changing area to the second disabled shower situated at the back.

My stick slid on the wet floor, and like a slo-mo comedy film, I crashed onto my bottom, jarring my back and leaving me in mild shock.

I could feel prickles at the back of my eyes as tears of humiliation and self-pity threatened to spill down my face.

I looked up to 3 concerned faces and a gentle clammer of ‘Are you okay?’

Not wanting to worry people, I did a quick body scan and realised that physically I did seem to be okay and assured these lovely ladies that I was.

They helped me up and supported me into the shower cubicle, my bottom and pride a little bruised, but other than that I felt pretty proud of myself.  I had made a conscious decision not to host a pity party and allow the tears to fall.

I decided, pretty quickly, to make the best out of this situation and focus on what was in my control –

  • Be grateful – that I have a padded bum and there were some kind ladies nearby
  • Complain to the right people
  • Share my experiences and lessons

I had my shower and felt pleased with the resilience that I had shown.

I wrote a letter of complaint to the Sports Centre.  They responded in good time, expressing their sorrow for my accident and informing me that the broken part for the shower had been difficult to source, yet it should be mended soon.

They suggested that if I needed to walk through the changing rooms in future, I should ask one of the lifeguards for assistance.

While that seemed reasonable and all the lifeguards that I’ve met so far have been very friendly and helpful, asking for help to do something as simple as walking through a changing room brought up that inner fear of I AM NOT ENOUGH!

Realising a story emerging that really doesn’t make me feel good – ‘I can’t even walk through a changing room without help!’

If I allowed that story to be my story, I would stop going swimming (if I am totally honest, it did sway me into not going swimming this morning).  I am not going to let that happen going forward!

I am really enjoying swimming and am improving my technique.  If my lesson is to learn to ask for help – then I will embrace this lesson.

Interestingly, writing this article brought up the feelings of humiliation and not being enough.  This time I allowed the feeling and tears to flow.

Part of my Healing Adventure is learning to process emotions fully.  Emotions are Energy in Motion and should not be allowed to get stuck in our body.  There weren’t many tears, but it felt good to release them.  This process really allowed me to acknowledge and accept these feelings and also to let them go.

It is not easy to ask for help to do something that ‘should’ be easy.  Part of the acceptance process is ‘accepting’ that it isn’t easy for me at this moment, yet if I judge something as ‘too hard’ it then has the power to stop me moving forwards.

I CAN do hard things!  Really Gina!  Is asking for help really that hard??  Only if I tell myself it is!


  • Most people are kind.
  • Allow people the joy of helping.
  • Find lessons in every challenge.
  • Keep going.




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