It’s fortunate that I am not relying on a visit to my doctor to keep me well.

This was supposed to be my first in-person since lockdown.  My yearly 5 minute meeting with my neurologist has been put back half a year and been relegated to a phone call 🥹

As I am not really following any of my doctor’s advice, I had been wondering whether a stressful and time-consuming visit to the hospital was going to do me any good at all anyway! 😵

He would scan through my notes and ask me how I am doing and I would do a really poor job of explaining the last 12 months in a couple of sentences.

He will then try and persuade me to take one of the pharmaceutical solutions for either the (MS) or the individual symptoms. 🤔

😳 I would refuse.

He would suggest doing another MRI and seeing what that shows. 🫣

Only to be followed by another meeting if things have progressed, where he will probably apply some fear (though, to be fair, my neurologist hasn’t done that too much so far) to try and persuade me to take his path.

This has been the flow of the conversation for the last three meetings, two of which were on the phone.

Interestingly, according to him, my MS has not been progressing. Which is GREAT news 😂 only my body isn’t showing me that 😳

👎 At no point has my neurologist ever sat down, showed me my MRI scans and explained where the legions where and what part of the body they affect.

This is my bad! 😝

I have only asked him once, and then we were on the phone, so he just said there wasn’t time.

👎 At no point has my neurologist discussed any real options other than pharmaceuticals.

I have talked about what I would like to do and what I am doing.

I even sent him a letter about reading the book ‘Mind Over Medicine’ by Dr Lissa Rankin and discussing how our minds – our thoughts, feelings and beliefs also affect how the disease develops.

He didn’t respond. 🤨

When I first met my neurologist, I never thought about what I wanted to get out of the doctor-patient relationship.

If I knew what I know now, when I was first diagnosed …

❤️ 🩹 I would insist on finding a doctor that is willing to totally be open to holistic healing and alternative solutions.

❤️ 🩹 I would like my doctor to explain to me exactly what he thinks my body is doing.

❤️ 🩹 I would like my doctor to listen to how I want to treat my illness, and then use his skills and network to enable that to happen.

And if I couldn’t find such a doctor in the medical industry as it stands, I would look outside the vast array of options.

As I am in the UK, I am paying into a system that doesn’t doesn’t give me what I need, that is not putting the patient at the centre of their healing.

We have been conditioned to go to the doctor when we’re not feeling well and expect somebody else to have the answers to what is going on in our body.

The doctor doesn’t have the answers.

How can they, when they don’t know all the different variables that go on in your life?

A lot of the symptoms that we’re getting are a warning sign that something needs adjusting.

When we visit the doctor, they will try and give something that might help with the symptom but doesn’t even consider the root cause 🖐️

When you ignore a warning sign, does it go away?

Dulling our symptoms with pharmaceuticals is like putting a smiley face sticker over our warning in the car.

When we also acknowledge that we are already being dulled down by the society we live in.

😝 an education system that tries to squeeze it in a box

😝 a healthcare system that doesn’t promote self healing

🤨 food industry that strips out nutrients

😝 being constantly bombarded with information and propaganda from screens that stop us enjoying the peace of silence

😝😂 don’t even get me started on the political system 🤪🥹

We are sucked into systems that are not serving us and allowing us to thrive.  We are living in constant fear of the world around us, our bodies have no choice but to shout louder to be heard!

When we are in stress and fear, our bodies cannot heal, because they are getting ready to run or fight.

This will take vital energy away from our immune system, meaning it cannot do its job effectively. 😧

If you are suffering from any symptoms at all, it means that you are on a healing journey, whether you like it or not.

Stop expecting the doctors to have answers to things that are solely ours to discover.

Embrace your healing journey and turn it into an Adventure of a Lifetime.

Your symptoms are trying to tell you something! 👍

If you want some help finding out what, I have created a beautiful self-reflection tool that will help you find your own answers.

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