A very strange thing happened to me this morning! 😱

As I said goodbye to the kids and sent them off to school, I had a sudden and very unfamiliar urge to clean the kitchen floor! 😂

Anybody who knows me, will probably know that I’m not much of a homemaker and I do not enjoy cleaning as a rule.

However when the urge came upon me, not only to clean the kitchen floor, but to get down on my hands and knees and scrub it, as well as all the paintwork – I felt inspired to follow that urge!

Prior to that, I was having that feeling of overwhelm creeping up on me as I realised all the things I wanted to get done this week!

My new weekly blog to be written, the Developing Healthy Habits course to write in detail, the speech for Pegasus Speakers Humourous Speech Competition, meetings about reopening our community project – Overslade Open Doors – as well as a myriad of other plans and commitments I had in my calendar!

The theme in my group, Managing MS Naturally, this week, is Gratitude, so I was wanting to write a blog about that.

Anybody who has done any work on themselves will know that gratitude is one of the basic principles of raising their vibrations and feeling better. It was also the first practice I developed that led to me on this journey to create the life of my dreams. 😘💐

As I was scrubbing the floor and making my paintwork sparkly white, my mind turned to what I was grateful for.

It was 9:30 on Monday morning and it was amazing how many things I was already immensely grateful for.

I had woken up with my boyfriend and he had made me a nice drink of lemon water. 🍋

I’ve been outside and felt the grass between my toes and said hello to the world 🌎

I saw my kids off to school (so grateful that the school is now open), with a healthy-ish lunch and a smile on their face 😊

My ex had come round to walk the dog and I had spoken to my VA to plan the week. Although that had set off into overwhelm, I am forever grateful for her support 🙏

I was then grateful for the fact I had this house, I had this floor which was cleaning up beautifully and I was totally grateful that I have got a small kitchen and actually this job was not going to take me all that long. 😂

Now, every time I go into the kitchen I will be in complete appreciation for the gleaming white paintwork and clean doors that are now my reality! 👍

Gratitude is such a powerful practice, as it brings with it a feeling of appreciation. If we can then harness that feeling, it makes us feel great. We radiate strong powerful high vibrations out to the Universe, so we can attract back more to appreciate.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I now feel happy and satisfied. Plus I have a blog written and a sparkly kitchen which makes me feel fantastic every time I walk into it.

I hope this leaves you with a reminder that if you have an urge to do something random, follow that urge and do it.

And as you are doing it, be grateful for every little thing, it really makes a massive difference!

Happy Monday everyone 😁❤️