I was so excited to be joined by Dee DiFatta for the third session of The Happy Healers Brigade. Together, we took a deep dive into the transformational power of self-awareness and explored how tuning into our body’s needs can significantly enhance our mind-body connection.

The New Language of the Body

In the busyness of our lives, it’s all too easy to become detached from what our bodies truly need. Dee and I discussed that learning to listen to our bodies is akin to learning a new language—one that doesn’t come with a textbook. It requires patience, curiosity, and a willingness to challenge ingrained habits, particularly around our food consumption and daily routines.


A Healing Journey Through Self-Awareness

Dee shared her personal journey of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and her resistance to wanting to rely on medication. She talked about a crucial realisation that healing her body also involved addressing her mind, emotions, and spirituality. That holistic approach to healing resonates deeply with me too:

“I started to realize that it wasn’t just my body that needed to heal, but also my mind, emotions, and spirit.” – Dee DiFatta

Embracing self-awareness allows for playful exploration and introduces a sense of fun into our healing journeys. Dee explained about the soothing power of practices like breath-work and living in gratitude. She also reminded us of the powerful Ho’oponopono prayer, which give self-compassion and acceptance.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”


My Conscious Journey

On a personal note, I delved into my own conscious journey of self-discovery. I shared how I grappled with conflicting foundational beliefs about not doing enough and doing too much.

I totally believe that the key to healing is around slowing down and finding pleasure in each moment, although actually practicing mindfulness in order to fully experience each moment is always a challenge.


Celebrating Wins and Acknowledging Emotions

One of the highlights of our discussion was focusing on the importance of celebrating small achievements and allowing ourselves to feel emotions fully. These practices create a safe space for the body to heal and rejuvenate:

“It’s all about acknowledging and appreciating our emotions in order to release them.” – Gina Dallison


Dee and I emphasised that embracing self-awareness is not only beneficial for healing; it’s essential for living a richer, more fulfilling life. Taking the time to celebrate wins, recognise emotions, and practice self-compassion can lead to profound personal growth and healing:

“It’s about living in gratitude, surrendering, and celebrating achievements while being kind to ourselves.” – Dee DiFatta


Practices to Enhance Self-Awareness

Throughout the episode, Dee and I shared several tools and practices that have helped us develop greater self-awareness and emotional well-being:

– Breath Work:  Deep breathing exercises help us stay grounded and present.

– Gratitude: Cultivating a mind-set of thankfulness for all the things in life.

– Mindfulness: Being fully present in each moment and finding pleasure in everyday activities.

– Self-Compassion: Using the Ho’oponopono prayer to nurture inner peace.

– Celebration: Acknowledging and celebrating small achievements to boost morale and motivation.

– Forgiveness: Practicing forgiveness towards oneself to release emotional burdens and allow healing.



Dee and I hope our discussion shines a light on the importance of self-awareness in your healing journeys. By understanding and tuning into our bodies, and embracing our emotions with kindness, we create a nurturing space for growth.

While we advocate for a holistic approach to wellness, one that harmonises body, mind, and spirit, we recognise it is not always easy in our busy modern world.  But it is worth the effort, as by mindfully slowing down, and finding joy in the simple, everyday moments, life becomes more beautiful.

So, take a deep breath, connect with your inner self, and remember: healing is an ongoing journey, and embracing self-awareness is a significant step forward.

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