I received a letter dated 7th September 2023 informing me of a telephone appointment for a Health Assessment on Thursday 21st September between 1pm and 4pm.

I cleared my schedule, as did my Support Worker who is working for a charity and uses a wheelchair fulltime himself, in order to be available for the time specified.

I took my phone everywhere with me (including the toilet, which I frequented often!), with the fear of missing the call where ‘my Universal Credit may be affected’.

4pm came and I had received no call.  Wanting to know what was going on, I then made two phone calls, one to the Help Desk in Birmingham, who then directed me to Coventry.  To be told that they had enough information about me and the call was no longer required.

But nobody had told me that the call had been canceled.  Waiting for a phone call that was never coming was stressful to me, stress exacerbates my symptoms – hence having to toilet so often.

In fact I even had a text reminder on Tuesday, threatening that if I failed to attend, my benefits may be affected.

Having a system that is meant to help people with long term illnesses, that induces fear and stress, actually has the opposite effect to helping and makes the situation worse.  This system is actually contributing massively to any decline in people’s health and happiness.  The CHDA keeps people sick!

Thursday was an awful day for me because of this.  I was unable to leave the house or my phone, plus I felt bad about wasting my Support Worker’s afternoon unnecessarily.

On Friday 22nd  September at 1pm, I received a letter in the post informing me that my meeting the day before had been canceled! The letter also suggested that I contact Universal Credit if I would like more information about why I no longer needed this appointment!

Of course I want to know why, that meeting that was so important, not attending could put my money under threat, is no longer necessary!

Doesn’t everyone?

Wouldn’t it make more sense and save a lot less stress and hassle if, when meetings get canceled, the person receives a telephone call with a full explanation.

That way, there is no doubt that the message has been received!

But rather than using a telephone to speak to somebody, or using the automated text system, like I received 2 days before, threatening my security if I didn’t attend!

No! The CHDA thinks that the best way of getting a message quickly to their clients is by sending them a letter through the Royal Mail!

I’m not being funny, but are you taking the piss?

Your department is meant to help people, not fill them full of fear.  Fear kills!  As fear stops you from living.

If the CHDA was a person, the way you treat your clients would be considered as abuse.

Everyone can see that.  Why are we putting up with it?

It is as if the system is designed to make it as difficult as humanly possible to get the help that is offered.

This offer comes with soul-destroying consequences that nobody is made aware of, until it’s too late!

It feels like no one cares that the system doesn’t work.

Yet, we are all conforming so we can get ‘free money’, additional security.  What is security anyway?

It is an illusion of certainty!

Yet true happiness lies with the ability to live with uncertainty, knowing that you will have everything you need to get where you want to go.

The CHDA’s purpose for being is to make people more tired and miserable, because tired and miserable people haven’t got the energy to embark on a healing journey – and experience the fantastic adventure of getting to know yourself.

This ‘supposed’ offer for help is like being hypnotised into believing that you are dying of thirst. To then be given a glass of water, only to realise the water was laced with a slow acting painful poison.

Well, I am not dying of thirst.  And I don’t want your offer of help with all its toxic conditions.

I do not care for your assessments.

How can you assess me when you haven’t even spoken to me?

It is an insult!

And I’m not standing for it.

The system that you’re working for does not work!

Surely you can see how toxic it is?

I know that I can heal myself, but not, if I stay, entwined in this swamp-pit of a system.

So please remove my details from your system. I no longer want any part of it.

You can keep your money and keep the bullshit perception of security.

I am going to trust in myself and the Universe, that everything will work out for everyone’s greater good, including me!

I am going to trust in Pollyanna Gina!

Skeptical Scared Gina is taking a backseat for a while and is secretly looking forward to the ride of her life!

I look forward to hearing your comments.


Gina Dallison